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Gardenia888 Casino Review

Introducing Gardenia888e: Where Gaming Dreams Blossom

Welcome to Gardenia888e, your sanctuary for immersive online gaming experiences. Dive into a world where excitement blooms and rewards flourish with our range of enticing offerings:

Deposit Bonus:

At Gardenia888e, one of the most valued bonuses is the Deposit Bonus, offering a 100% bonus.

  • Deposit RM10 and get FREE RM10

  • Deposit RM15 and get FREE RM15

  • Deposit RM20 and get FREE RM20

  • Deposit RM25 and get FREE RM25

  • Deposit RM30 and get FREE RM30

  • Deposit RM50 and get FREE RM50

Welcome Bonus:

Begin your gaming adventure with a hearty welcome from Gardenia888e. Upon your initial registration, enjoy a 50% welcome bonus, which can be claimed up to three times per month. The maximum bonus payout is RM388.

Daily Bonus:

Sustain the excitement daily with our dynamic daily bonuses. Earn a 20% daily bonus when engaging in slot games. Please adhere to our guidelines and refrain from attempting to exploit this bonus with alternate identities. 

At Gardenia888e, membership is recognized solely under the bank account holder's name, not the registered member name.

Weekend Bonus:

Elevate your weekends with our exclusive weekend bonuses, designed to make your gaming experience even more memorable. 

Seize the opportunity to benefit from special promotions tailored to amplify your enjoyment and boost your potential for significant wins. With a minimum deposit of RM30, you can claim our weekend bonus once a week with a maximum bonus of RM288.

Unlimited Bonus:

At Gardenia888e, unlimited bonus starts from 5% and up to 10%. Terms are as below:

  1. To Get 5% unlimited bonus

  2. Min Deposit = RM10

  3. Only Games = Slot, Table, Fish and Monkey

  4. Total Claim = Unlimited

  1. To Get 8% unlimited bonus

  2. Min Deposit = RM100

  3. Only Games = Slot, Table, Fish and Monkey

  4. Total Claim = Unlimited

  1. To Get 10% unlimited bonus

  2. Min Deposit = RM300

  3. Only Games = Slot, Table, Fish and Monkey

  4. Total Claim = Unlimited

Free Bonus:

Members are entitled for free credits whenever they fulfill the requirement below:

  • With a minimum deposit of RM30

Payment Method:

Recognizing the significance of convenient and secure payment methods, Gardenia888e provides a diverse array of trusted options. Whether you prefer credit/debit cards, e-wallets, or bank transfers, depositing and withdrawing funds at Gardenia888e is all secured.


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